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Alabama Students Reportedly Threw Pandemic Parties To Compete To See Who Could Intentionally Get Infected First

Jutta Klee/Getty Images

The vast majority of people in the United States are doing everything they can to avoid contracting the virus which has rapidly spread in recent weeks, re-shuttering businesses and straining hospital ICUs.

In Alabama, however, there is reportedly a group of students who threw caution to the wind and are holding "pandemic parties" with a special prize for the first person who becomes infected.

Against the advice of every health official in the public eye, these students in Alabama seem to think the virus is no cause for concern.

Officials are understandably unhappy about these parties.

The young people attending these parties are displaying a shocking level of recklessness.

Others on Twitter called pandemic parties just another Tide pod style story where isolated incidents are portrayed as widespread issues.

These parties, while actually happening, are likely isolated incidents that don't represent how most young people in Alabama act.

But isolated incident or not, these are a dangerous game to play as some healthy young people have also died from the virus.

Meanwhile, the Alabama state government continues to try and cope with the rapidly expanding number of virus cases flooding their healthcare system.

For the safety of yourself and your loved ones, remember to avoid large social gatherings like parties, especially if they're held indoors.