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People Explain What They Won't Even Try Once In Their Lifetime

People Explain What They Won't Even Try Once In Their Lifetime

"NOPE. You couldn't pay me enough to try that." - we've all thought it at least once... but what were we thinking it about?

The idea of a bucket list has been popular for years now; things you really want to try before you kick the proverbial bucket. We want to talk about your anti-bucket list. We want to know about those things that people couldn't pay you to do, things you'd never try even if death was standing right there like your impatient mom trying to leave Chuck E. Cheese when you were a kid like: "I'll wait if you want to try this, but otherwise we're leaving right now."

Reddit user CultureShock_ posed the question "What's something you refuse to try even once?" and we'll be honest, a lot of the answers were really reflective of people's phobias and biases.

Personally, my anti-bucket list is pretty short (but always open for additions) and it revolves around my fear of airplanes and one very late night watching the National Geographic Channel. A fear of flying pretty much crosses out anything like skydiving, wing walking, those zero-gravity flights to the "edge of space" seem like one big expensive NOPE.

But even those pale in comparison to watching a man purposefully give himself intestinal worms so that he could rinse through his poo and show the viewers what sorts of intestinal worms were common in that region of Africa.

I don't do worms. Especially not parasitic worms. I don't know how much that guy was getting paid, but I promise you it was nowhere near enough to get on a plane, give himself worms, rinse through his waste, show those worms to viewers, get treated for those worms, get on more planes to go home and face his family and friends who can, presumably, now only see him as "wormy poo dude."

Here are more things you couldn't pay people to try even once.

Hard Drugs, Hard Times



- [Reddit]

As someone who has done meth, i can get behind this one. Once you do it you realize how not scary it is. Which is horrifying.

- ClarinetCourtet

I had a significant pain killer problem in my late teens, and had fentanyl injected in me by an EMT in my mid 20s. I can understand how heroin can be so addictive. It feels like you are flying. I can't imagine what that painkiller craving x100 would be like.

- Einteiler

My guess is that's true if all extremely deadly drugs - you feel fantastic and become desperate to get there again and again and again and...

- Tatunkawitco


Drunk driving. I live in Wisconsin and the number of people who do it is astounding to me.

- RufRufRufio

Perhaps not coincidentally, Wisconsin has some of the most lax drunk driving penalties.

- JeromesNiece

Its easier in Wisconsin because they can't tell if you're drunk or just trying to avoid the pot holes.

- Skardz

Not Amused


That stupid amusement park ride where you look like you're bungee jumping to your death. No, thank you.

- Lulu_42

Do you mean the one where you and some other poor chump are in a bench that's between two tall poles, and the bungees are attached to the poles and to the bench? I assume there's a third cable that allows them to winch the bench back down and acts as kind of a guide to keep the bench moving straight instead of flying wildly off course.

Anyway there's a video where the bungee on one side snaps right before they're about to release the bench. Nope nope nope nope.

- JiveTurtle

Used to work at an amusement park where the owner was cheap, under-paying his mechanics. So you can say maintenance was "just the basics and that's it". I notice there's a little play in the shoulder bars of their famous rollercoaster, so I pop them open. Almost every-single-one had a VISIBLE crack in the metal bar connecting to the frame of the seats. If those went the only thing holding you in was the seat belt, which was connected to the shoulder bar. They immediately pulled it for the season and never acknowledged I'd found anything.

I'll never go on another thrill ride again, just in case.

- Im_Solid

The Cave

Spelunking! I'm so claustrophobic that even thinking about being in a tight cave gives me the chills.

- nownowthethetalktalk

Did you ever have a look at the diagram of the guy who got trapped and died in the Nutty Putty Cave? I never particularly wanted to go caving, but that really cemented my decision.

I also read an article about cave diving, and this particular cave you can only reach by first diving down into pitch-black tunnels with scuba gear, and then slowly swimming back up for hours cause if you go back up too quick you'll die. All that time in complete darkness. That is the stuff of my nightmares, and people do it for fun!

- ahappy_axolotl

Rolling In The Deep

Deep sea diving. I know whats down there, and I'd rather not go say hi.

- CLTalbot

I don't know what's down there, and that's the scary part.

- Elder-sign

Not deep sea diving, but fishing a few miles out from the coast. My brother was in the USAF for 23 years, and spent almost 2 years at Diego Garcia which is an isolated island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. He and some buddies would go way out and do some deep sea fishing. They caught all kinds of neat looking fish. He said sharks are aholes. He'd be reeling in a nice fish and a shark comes along and bites off most of the fish. He had pictures of some of his wooden lures that had chunks taken out of them and other bite marks. He avoids swimming in the ocean, too. There are things in the ocean that are hungry with huge teeth.

- Pawprint76

A Giant Fan


Sky Diving

- PandaGod2003

My wife is a skydiver. She often says the most dangerous part of skydiving is driving to and from the drop zone.

- EndlessIntermission

I did it, the scariest part is how much money it costs to feel like you're in front of a huge fan.

Still glad I did it.

- Guineypigzrulzpigzrulz


Casu marzu. You couldn't pay or bribe me with anything.

- AvsMama

Ahhh the cheese wheel aged by maggots ingesting and crapping out everything but the rind.... Delightful.

- Old-Black-Dog

There's some cheese that is supposed to be delicious, except it has maggots in it. You must be out of your GOD. DAMN. MIND.

- UrdnotChivay

Mom Life

Having children. I'm not passing on my fibromyalgia or any of my sucky genes. I have my own under control very well, but I just can't put someone else through that. I refuse. Plus I'd rather have freedom, than take care of children. I don't hate them or anything, but mom life isn't for me.

- DetectiveSnickers



Climbing mount Everest. Too cold, not enough oxygen, too many dead bodies. I don't get why people feel the need to do it/try, but I sure don't, ESPECIALLY after watching Everest. Nope.

- HigherMind9200

Climb Mt. Everest- zero interest, I never understood the obsession and there's literally nothing about climbing it that would make me feel accomplished or fulfilled.

- Imizinterprtedarulez

I'm above-average adventurous and up for trying almost anything. This is also one of the few things I refuse to do and have no interest in.

Even before that picture of the huge line for the summit came up, I read Something Awful's threads about Everest season every year, where they tend to talk about how many people died that year and in years past, and how exactly they died.

There are tour companies that will take you up there with little to no climbing experience, as long as you pay your money you get to go. It's a big reason there is a line there now, and why it's much more dangerous.

I would like to hike up to the main Base Camp one day, that I am totally up for. But no farther.

- [UsernameDeleted]

I'm with you on this one, even though I love climbing, and I love the mountains. Everest has no appeal to me anymore at all. It's pretty much a great place to spend 40,000 dollars to get stuck in a jam of people behind some under-trained rich ahole who is trying to check something off their bucket list. I think the only reason I would go there would be to help clean the mountain up. There's so much trash now.

- DesertSnowdog

The more I hear about the dead bodies and human waste the more I think "hard pass I'm good".

- Val319