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White People Are Sharing The Most Outrageous Things They've Gotten Away With Because Of #MyWhitePrivilege

White People Are Sharing The Most Outrageous Things They've Gotten Away With Because Of #MyWhitePrivilege

White people seem to hold all the aces when it comes to getting free passes in life in the United States.

Okay, that's a major generalization, but the existence of "White Privilege" is indisputable.

There are plenty of those who have evaded consequences from varying levels of offenses simply based on the pigmentation of their skin.

It's just the reality we live in, and to prove it, a Twitter user posed followers a bold challenge.

@Freeyourmindkid asked his White friends to share the most "outrageous" things they've gotten away with simply by not being an ethnic minority.

He tweeted:

"White people - What is the most outrageous thing that you've gotten away with as a white person that you know damn well a black or brown person would have never gotten away with?"

The abundant responses cemented shameful stereotypes but also shed some humor on the absurdity of one of life's exclusive memberships.

Most of the comments lacked any intentions of flaunting.

Some, not so much. You be the judge.

Sounds like Anne here was a major klepto.

A personal escort to get you home safely?

Sounds better than Uber.


You think she got some assistance in stealing someone else's bike?

These cops didn't seem to be doing their jobs according to this anecdote.

No guns were drawn for this expired registration.

Oh, they give verbal warnings for something like this every time?

Prolly not.

He sounds proud of this accomplishment.

This is one of many, many examples of free "get out of jail" cards.

This cop revoked his citation for a speeding ticket.

In contrast to the above tweet, this privilege-free user validated a corrupt system with her story.

Not everyone was proud of their inherent perk and didn't seem to be gloating.

But we can't speak for everyone, can we?