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'Wheel Of Fortune' Fans Fuming After Contestant Wins Puzzle Despite His Incorrect Answer

'Wheel Of Fortune' Fans Fuming After Contestant Wins Puzzle Despite His Incorrect Answer
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Long-running game show Wheel of Fortune has become infamous over the years for its contestants gleefully submitting wildly incorrect solutions to obvious puzzles.

But a recent contestant ignited an uproar for a whole new reason—giving the wrong solution but winning anyway.

As several angry fans of the show pointed out on Twitter, contestant Steven Page incorrectly rendered the puzzle's solution, "quality craftsmanship" as "quality craft-manship"--without the 's'--but was given the win anyway.

And they're not having it.

Page's solving of the puzzle was no simple error--it made him $9,000 and allowed him to narrowly defeat fellow contestant Christina Maril and move on to the next round. Fans are angry about the error, which had it been caught, would have likely resulted in a win for either Maril or third contestant Lisa Volivitch.

Fans of Wheel of Fortune have long bemoaned the show's hyper-stringent rules, like its infamous "and rule" that counts an answer as a loss if the contestant says the word "and" while relaying a list of words in a puzzle. The rule comes into play during the game show's crossword-type puzzles, in which the solution is a list of terms in a common theme.

Contestant David Pedersen ran afoul of the rule earlier this year by answering a fish-related crossword puzzle with "Sole, Flounder, Cod and Catfish." Since the word "and" was not part of the puzzle, Pedersen lost the round, sparking an uproar among the show's fans.

Given that oddly stringent rule, it seems like incorrectly pronouncing a word as Page did would similarly result in disqualification. But Page was allowed to advance further in the game despite his error--and he ended up finishing the game as the day's champion as a result.

On Twitter, this angered many diehard fans of the iconic game show, who felt the show's rules were unfairly inconsistent.

Despite their loss, runners up Maril and Volivitch still went home with some money, and said they had a good time on the show. At least there's that!