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Someone Pondered What Happens After You Turn On A Dishwasher—And The Internet Has Theories

Twitter: @bobby

Ever wondered what goes on inside your dishwasher when you turn it on? Yeah, I haven't either. But the Internets are wondering, and theories are abounding on Twitter. And here at Comic Sands, we are dedicated to solving the great mysteries plaguing mankind. Maybe next time we can tackle where socks go after a cycle in the dryer. After all, spoons never seem to disappear. But I digress.

A guy named Bobby pondered this very thing, and shared his hypothesis with Twitter. He thinks there could be a small man who rapidly scrubs soiled dishes once that button is pushed.

"Just realized i have no idea what goes on inside a dishwasher after i hit the start button. for all i know there could be a tiny man in there washing each dish by hand."

That's probably not what happens. Probably.

To his credit, Bobby is sticking to his guns.

Now, a camera could provide answers, but the logistics of it seem a bit complex, mainly because of the immense heat dishwashers generate.

Bobby isn't alone. Could "those spinny things" really just be for show? What if the dishes get treated to a rave?

And he may have convinced Ms. Spinny Blades.

Personally, I like the rave theory.

And that's pretty close to the truth. Although, at full steam, dishwashers completely fill with water.

You're welcome.