Elizabeth Warren Has Burn For The Ages After Question About Conservative Marriage Beliefs During LGBTQ Town Hall

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The leading 2020 Democratic presidential candidates gathered in Los Angeles for an LGBTQ-focused Equality Town Hall hosted by the Human Rights Campaign and CNN.

While there were a number of memorable moments during the five hour town hall, one that stood out was Democratic Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren's response to a question about marriage equality.

Warren, whose home state of Massachusetts was the first to pass marriage equality in 2004, was asked what her response would be if someone told her that marriage was between one man and one woman. Warren's answer was simple and devastating.

Watch below.

"I'm going to assume it's a guy who said that," Warren said before continuing:

"And I'm going to say, 'just marry one woman.' I'm cool with that."

The simplicity alone was enough to garner cheers from the audience, but it was her follow-up that completely sealed the deal:

"...Assuming you can find one."


In addition to highlighting her extensive plans for ensuring the rights of LGBTQ Americans—like passing the Equality Act and fighting violence against trans women of color—she masterfully delivered some Dorothy Zbornak-level shade.

However, not everyone was on board.


But, whatever.

Here's a video of Elizabeth Warren giving random hugs and high fives while dancing in the streets at Boston Pride.

Happy National Coming Out Day!

The story of the Supreme Court ruling that brought marriage equality nationwide is told in Love Wins: The Lovers and Lawyers Who Fought the Landmark Case for Marriage Equality, available here.


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