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Taika Waititi Confirms That Thor's Butt Won't Be Censored In 'Love And Thor' With Cheeky Quip

Taika Waititi Confirms That Thor's Butt Won't Be Censored In 'Love And Thor' With Cheeky Quip
Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images; Don Arnold/WireImage/Getty Images

Good news for all those with a vested interest in seeing actor Chris Hemsworth's bare butt.

Director Taika Waititi, whose upcoming Thor: Ragnarok follow-up Thor: Love and Thunder comes out next month, has confirmed that Thor's naked backside will not be censored in the film—and fans are all about it.

Waititi confirmed the rumor during a visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he shared a cheeky (sorry) quip about the moment when we'll see Thor's buns in all their Thor-like glory.

See the segment below.

Quite a stir was caused earlier this year when the second trailer for the upcoming film, which Waititi wrote, directed and stars in, showed a scene with Hemsworth's Thor in the altogether.

In the scene, Russell Crowe, who plays Zeus in the Marvel film, accidentally disrobes Thor, leaving him "buck naked" in Colbert's parlance in front of an entire arena of gods and superheroes.

But in the trailer, Hemsworth's god-like posterior was blurred out, to many fans' dismay. Never fear, butt-lovers—Waititi told Colbert in no uncertain terms that Thor's booty will be fully on display at your local cineplex.

As he quipped to Colbert:

"In the movie, it's not pixelated though... You get the full hems' worth. The full worthiness!"

Thank the Norse Gods.

As for the front view? Colbert was sure to ask the question, to which Waititi joked, "Maybe in IMAX?"

Waititi went on to praise Hemsworth's butt in only the way he can while explaining why he chose to show it off in the film.

He told Colbert:

"I'll tell you what though—with Chris, he's worked so hard on that... It's so many squats... I'd be depriving humanity if I didn't show that."

On Twitter, Marvel fans, Hemsworth fans and butt fans alike were excited about the news.

Thor: Love and Thunder comes out July 8. Set your "full hems' worth" countdown clock now!