Sign Language Interpreter Keeps Up With Very Fast Rapper In Viral Video

@TWISTAgmg/Twitter // @Jaeandthecity/Twitter

Sign language is a vital form of communication with subtleties many may not spot.

Not only does a sign language interpreter have to know the signs, but they also have to know the way to sign in order to properly convey tone and subtext as happens in verbal communication.

American Sign Language interpreter Amber Galloway Gallego has that down to an art.

Her incredible skills were on full display interpreting the rapper Twista at a recent concert.

Galloway Gallego wasn't fazed by the speed of Twista's rhymes, effortlessly keeping up with a groove all her own—to the point it seems like she wrote the lyrics herself.

It wasn't long before Twista himself gave her props.

Watch Galloway Gallego's incredible skills below:

Amber not only stole the show, but broke the internet as well.

Even the Guinness Book of World Records came calling.

When she's not making music come to life for deaf audiences, Galloway Gallego is an advocate, frequently teaching about the intricacies of ASL music interpretation.

You can watch her Ted Talk below.

How sign language can bring music to life www.youtube.com

Still can't get enough of Galloway Gallego's skills? We don't blame you.

She features numerous music interpretations on her YouTube channel.

The DVD Sign Language 101: A Beginner's Guide to American Sign Language is available here.


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