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WATCH: Christmas Homecoming Videos of Surprised Family Members

WATCH: Christmas Homecoming Videos of Surprised Family Members

There is nothing better on Christmas Day than surprise family reunions, and a number of people have shared their emotional videos that showcase the spontaneous joy of unexpected-yet-missed visitors. It is better if you keep the tissue box handy.

This son surprised his mom by coming home for Christmas.

This mom thought she was just unwrapping a mirror. But the true gift was standing behind her, still in uniform.

This U.S. Air Force airman told his mother that he wouldn't be home for Christmas.

But then he surprised her by coming home early. Her reaction is everything.

United States service members and military personnel serve on all seven continents (one is stationed in Antarctica), in more than 170 countries, and on all the seas.

Nearly 200,000 remain deployed around the world and on the seas during Christmas.

Someone made it home for Christmas!

The mother rushed in for a long hug.

Some reunions happen in public.

Mothers are no less ecstatic to see their children, even when they are running the soup run.

Brothers and sisters reunited.

There's nothing like sibling love.

But for the most part, these videos show moms receiving a surprise visit for Christmas.

This mother found her daughter, supposedly away at college, inside her gift box!

Careful with the scissors!

Another daughter-in-a-box!

This mother was at first hoping for four tire rims.

How long do you think the daughter was waiting inside that box?

This Christmas gift came "special delivery."

And for these two children, it's the moment they found out that Santa Claus is someone they missed very much.

Their father had been deployed for nearly two years.

We wonder if they asked Santa for anything else for Christmas.

Remember, the best gift at Christmas is family coming home!

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