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Guy Films Himself Attempting 'Fire Extinguisher Challenge' And Immediately Regrets It

Guy Films Himself Attempting 'Fire Extinguisher Challenge' And Immediately Regrets It

Anything dangerous or any foolish act you can think of has already been done by someone out there on the internet.

And I mean ANYTHING.

In Russia, a man nearly suffocated himself by trying the "Fire Extinguisher Challenge." The challenge was fairly simple, he just put a fire extinguisher nozzle in his mouth and blasted its contents into his own lungs.

The video was posted to the subreddit r/holdmyfeedingtube, where it quickly went viral.

Reddit commenters like cbitguru couldn't understand what in the world would inspire the man to do this and wrote:

"Who creates these 'challenges'? Morticians?!"

sweetdeetwo couldn't help but make a crack.

"That's thinking outside the coffin box"

whatsthatbutt agreed wholeheartedly.

"The death industry is doing very well lately."

FullClockworkOddessy explained just why this challenge was such a bad idea.

"Well the whole point of a fire extinguisher is to cut off the oxygen supply. Generally humans need oxygen for the whole remaining alive thing, so of course it's not going to be good for you if you walk through a cloud of it, or if you inject it directly into your lungs as this guy did."

SatanDouble thought that explanation may have been a tad unnecessary.

"If only we could have seen this coming."

Ratchet2550 would have SURELY made this same mistake if not for the label.

"I think there needs to be a "dont directly inject into lungs" label on these. There's just no way to know otherwise."

Okinawa_Stormtrooper told a story about how they encountered something similar.

"Right? I was a metal worker in the US Air Force and the fire department would bring old fire extinguishers to decommission. We'd grab a plasma torch and cut a hole in them. Easy peasy.
One time they forgot to empty a couple of them. I would line up about 10 at once and do them in a line. I started getting short of breath so I lift my welding hood up to get some air. Turns out my hood was the only thing keeping the mass quantities of powder out of my lungs.
Had to run out of the shop choking and dying, took a minute or two to catch my breath. At least you know that stuff does it's job."

whatsthatbutt hopes this video has a happy ending.

"My guess is this guy may have died after this video, idk."

EG2K_00 things they understand how people on the internet work.

"Yeah I'm pretty sure this wasn't a challenge, but he really wanted an excuse to do this so he just slapped the word "challenge" at the end of it"

S5Diana couldn't hide their own confusion.

"What I don't get is how after doing something so moronic, they decide to post a video of it, featuring their face, on the internet..."

On Twitter, people were no less flabbergasted.

Maybe there are a couple better challenges to try before anyone gives the "Fire Extinguisher Challenge" another shot. No one wants to end up like this guy!

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