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Vicks VapoRub Speaks Out After Mom Uses Product That Expired In 1987 On Her Sick Son

Vicks VapoRub Speaks Out After Mom Uses Product That Expired In 1987 On Her Sick Son

An unsuspecting mother posted about using an expired Vicks VapoRub from the 80s and quickly went viral.

The post garnered the attention of the Vicks VapoRub Twitter account. They expressed their concern for her and many others still using their expired jars of the vaporous medicine.

The tweet that started it all was shared by Heather Chacon.

She said:

"My son has been sick (not Covid) and shout out to my mom, who loaned us the SAME pot of Vicks she used to use on me growing up."
"Expiration date 1-87."

Chacon confirmed she did in fact use said VapoRub on her sick son.

The mention of the rub sent everyone into a nostalgic memory dump of all the times mothers and grandmothers tried to cure our ailments.

But the VapoRub Twitter account sent a concerned tweet back to Chacon about using the expired medicine.

They said:

"While we appreciate your mom's confidence in VapoRub, we recommend that you don't use an expired product."

Another Twitter user chimed in ready to show up Chacon with her bottle of VapoRub from the 1970s.

But that wasn't the only product.

Someone else shared a bottle of Caladryl calamine lotion and another shared a box of Luden's cough drops.

Vicks was really trying to do some retroactive damage control.

It's all fun and nostalgic until someone gets VapoRub in their lungs and causes something worse than a cold.

Since the childhood memories of mothers caring for their children has come flooding back with these tender recollections, another Twitter user is calling for Vicks to bring back their glass jar of VapoRub like we remember it.

Michael Javert said:

"I wish they would bring back the glass jar with tin lid."
"I haven't purchased it since it went away."
"Don't like this newfangled plastic crap they have."
"I want what I remember from my Mother. She died in January."

The people have spoken, and we know Vicks is listening.

Bring back the glass jars!