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Dog Owner Taken Aback After Vet Snaps At Them For Buying A Purebred Puppy Instead Of Adopting

Larry Williams & Associates/Getty Images

Dog Owner Taken Aback After Vet Snaps At Them For Buying A Purebred Puppy Instead Of Adopting
Larry Williams & Associates/Getty Images

Picking a pet can be a big decision. A lot of factors should be taken into consideration.

One Redditor thought they had made a well informed choice, but when their veterinarian didn't see things that way, they turned to the "Am I The A**hole" subReddit to ask for feedback on what they should do next.

Redditor throwaway7653222 asked:

"[Would I Be The A**hole] WIBTA if I asked for a different vet, after the first made disparaging remarks about us owning a purebred?"

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

"I'm torn about this, because I don't want to endanger someone's career just because I'm being overly sensitive, so before I do anything I'd like to try my case in the court of public opinion."

"So, we took our puppy (white German shepherd) to the vet to get his first round of vaccinations, as you do. Ghost is the goodest boy, so he was very happy to go to the vet and meet all the new people."

"Unfortunately, the experience soured pretty quickly after the vet started looking Ghost over. I guess she didn't recognize what he was at first, because GSD puppies look kind of ambiguous before their ears come up."

"So I said 'Oh, he's a white shepherd' to which the vet replied 'How do you know?'"

"I was kind of thrown by this, so I said 'Well, we got him from a reputable breeder, and he's registered with the AKC, so...?'"

"The vet very quickly said 'That doesn't mean anything' and I honestly had no idea how to respond, so I just went quiet until she started asking questions about Ghost's diet, energy levels, etc..."

"I said 'Oh, he's a handful, the house has been pretty chaotic since we adopted this little monster into the family, but we've only ever had shepherds, so we're used to it'."

"I barely finished speaking before the vet chimed in with 'You didn't adopt, you BOUGHT'."

"Again, I had absolutely no idea how to respond to that, so the rest of the visit was incredibly tense and awkward."

"I understand that a lot of people, vets especially, are passionate about rescuing dogs as opposed to buying them, but I felt like it was unnecessary for her to be so aggressive about her stance."

"She wasn't at all cruel or callous in her handling of Ghost, but she was just so damning and judgmental towards us for having him in the first place that I don't feel comfortable going back to that clinic."

"WIBTA if I asked for a different vet the next time we go in, or switch to a different petcare provider entirely and tell the clinic why I'm no longer interested in their service?"

The OP also shared a picture of their puppy.

Redditors were asked to weigh in by declaring:

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Redditors voted the OP would not be the a**hole if they switched vets.

"NTA. The vet made you uncomfortable. You're well within your rights to ask for a different vet. If you're worried about harming the vet's career by complaining or something, you could offer your reasons only if they ask why you want to switch."

"That way, they asked for feedback and they got it. I mean, I'm definitely on the kennel adoption side of this discussion, but it's not OK to make you feel bad about your choice in a professional setting like that." ~ mckinnos

"A lot of people prefer the shopping vs adopting from the kennel because they're looking for a certain breed to fit their lifestyle, most often on the temperament side of things as some breeds, like German Shepherds, are high energy dogs some people can't handle."

"There's also the fact that some breeds have genetic diseases or are more prone to cancer."

"I personally don't do either because I live in an area where dog dumpers are common and they often wind up at my house. The same happens with cats, but they never come close enough for us to do anything about it." ~ catsncatsnbootsncats

"NTA - adopt don't shop is good and all but it's not for everyone. If you're being a responsible dog owner (i.e. getting the pup fixed when it's older) then do what is best for you."

"If you're looking to be a backyard breeder and be awful then I'd agree with the vet but I'm guessing you're not. Responsible dog owners are not the ones increasing the number of animals in shelters."

"I'm also a lifelong owner of GSDs and all GSD owners are aware of the dreaded hip dysplasia. Reputable breeders know a line's history and give you a little peace of mind for your dog."

"Of course that isn't 100% but you don't get anything similar with an adopted dog."

"I would look for a different vet. Clearly the vet already has a bias against you and while they might try to treat the dog properly, that bias may influence how they treat the dog." ~ kmyash

Redditors decided the OP should follow the same guidance they would for a human doctor—always stick with someone they're comfortable with.