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Twitter Votes on the Best Christmas Song With Polarizing Results

Twitter Votes on the Best Christmas Song With Polarizing Results

'Tis the season for Christmas songs! Some people like them, some people hate them, but everyone has an opinion about which Christmas song they love or hate the most. So last week, British TV personality Richard Osman orchestrated on Twitter a competition amongst a litany of Christmas songs, with the denizens of Twitter voting on which ones they liked the most. The winner was both polarizing and unexpected.

But first, the game!

Round 1!

The competition for best Christmas song began with 32 top all-time favorites, divided into groups of four.

"I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday" by the Wizzard left "Little Drummer Boy" in the dust.

It is surprising that instead of a landslide victory for "All I Want for Christmas," Mariah Carey met a decent amount of competition from "Driving Home for Christmas."

If "Last Christmas" is any indication, this year has been rough for everyone.

The heavy, real-world trend continues with "Do They Know It's Christmas."

With "Fairytale of New York" closing out with a definitive victory in its group, it is clear that most people are not in the usual Christmas spirit mood.

Round 2!

The original 32 songs have been cut in half, down to 16. Many classics such as "Little Drummer Boy," "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas," "Let it Snow," and "Silent Night" are already gone.

Has anyone heard of the Pogues?

Mariah is still in the game!

At the end of Round 2, some big names have gone out: "Stop The Cavalry," "Driving Home For Christmas," and "Stay Another Day." But Wham, The Pogues, Mariah, Band Aid, Slade, and Wizzard fight on


Before voting completed for the quarter-finals, more than 1.5 million votes were cast so far since the competition began. Tensions mounted as only eight songs remained.

Depressing anti-holiday sentiments beat out hope and love.

And broken hearts annihilated dreams of a snowy Christmas morning.


Only four remained! Mariah vs. George Michael and Wham! The Pogues vs. Wizzard!

Mariah, no!

Playoffs for 3rd and 4th place.

With great disappointment, Mariah didn't even make it to the medals ceremony. The results resembled the 2016 presidential election.


George Michael and Wham! goes toe-to-toe with the dreary Pogues for the title...

And bleak despair wins!

Some of Twitter reacted with cheer for the winning song.

While others, finding the results awful, expressed their dissatisfaction.

Friendships were destroyed; families were divided.

"One of the worst Christmas songs."

Then the disagreements and arguing kicked into high-gear.

Testing, testing... am I out of tune?


But let's be honest -- neither song is a great Christmas song.

It was painful to see Mariah fall so far.

The competition was organized by Osman for a charity event. Hopefully, everyone who cast those millions of votes chipped in.

Giving -- that's the true spirit of Christmas!

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