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Tucker Carlson Advises Young Men To Drop Out Of College And 'Have More Kids Than You Can Afford' In Bonkers Rant

Tucker Carlson Advises Young Men To Drop Out Of College And 'Have More Kids Than You Can Afford' In Bonkers Rant

Far-right Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson has raised lots of eyebrows after giving some very bizarre advice to a college student he interviewed on his show.

Carlson recently had a conversation with 18-year-old University of Chicago student Daniel Schmidt, a YouTuber with a popular channel called Piece of Schmidt.

What pearls of wisdom did Carlson have for America's collegiate youth? Drop out of college and go have a bunch of kids at 18 years old.

No, seriously. See Carlson's comments below.

Carlson's conversation with Schmidt began with him railing against the so-called "rise of secularism" in America, a strange allegation to make about a country where Christian extremists are successfully rolling back long-held rights and protections.

But then things got even weirder when Schmidt asked Carlson for his two cents on the value of education and marriage.

Carlson replied:

"Just dive face first into it. Drop out of college."
"College is ridiculous, unless you're moving towards some very specialized degree that you can only get in college; you wanna be a veterinarian or physicist or something."
"But if you're in humanities, I can give you a list of 100 books you can find on the internet. And you'll be better educated than you will be at whatever stupid college you go to, A."

Okay, with the high cost of education and today's insanely tough job market that's not the most unhinged advice ever given. But then... well, things took a hard turn when Carlson got to his Point 'B,' about what young people should do instead of going to college.

"B, get married... have more children than you can afford, take a job you’re not qualified for, go balls out.”

Um... okay...

Carlson did not explain how young people are supposed to get jobs for which they are unqualified if they don't go to college, nor the value of having more kids than you're able to support, but surely he has reasons.

He did, however, say men should look for two qualifications in the wife with whom they are to have more children than they can afford--they should be "hot and nice." Charming guy, that Tucker.

On Twitter, Carlson's advice went over about as well as you might expect--especially given Carlson's patrician background as the heir to a frozen-food fortune

During the interview, Carlson also called reproduction "the highest level of achievement there is," railed against pornography and the internet, and lashed out at his conservative critics. Sounds about as coherent as a certain former President he loves so much.