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Trump Roasted For Ranting About Windmills Being Built To 'Kill Everything' During Fox News Call

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Former United States President Donald Trump is once again being roasted online for his bizarre grudge against windmills.

During a call-in interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Trump went off on a tangent about his ongoing vendetta against windmills.

He took things a step further than usual this time, though, claiming windmills "kill everything."

"We're not going to be energy independent two months from now."
"They're making windmills all over the place, to ruin our land and kill our birds."
"To kill everything."

He further claimed wind turbines aren't a good source of energy anyway because they only provide "intermittent energy" and power from them is "not going to power our great factories."

"And they're very intermittent, as you learned from watching over the last four months, it's intermittent energy, it's not good."
"It's not going to power our great factories."

You can view the whole clip from Fox News below:

Considering Trump once falsely claimed windmills cause cancer, most people weren't overly surprised by his latest attempt to malign the renewable energy source.

They were, however, happy to roast him on Twitter.

Trump's initial grudge against windmills seems to be he thought an offshore wind farm in Scotland would ruin the view from his beleaguered golf course in that country.

He even went so far as to sue the Scottish government to prevent construction of the wind farm, but lost the court battle.

When exactly Don Trumpote stops tipping at windmills is anyone's guess.