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Trump Campaign Bus Carrying Mike Pence Crashes Into Dump Truck—And It's Almost Too Perfect

Trump Campaign Bus Carrying Mike Pence Crashes Into Dump Truck—And It's Almost Too Perfect
JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images IneffableFILM / Twitter

We know the last few weeks (months? years? this feels like forever) have seemed like a total slow-mo disaster, but this morning the fates offered a bit of levity...

In the form of a slow-mo disaster.

First, Mike Pence's bus crashed.

Into a dump truck.

Then the police sent to escort the VP crashed in a completely separate incident.

No one was really hurt, so Twitter has been fine having a laugh about it.

The comedy of errors started while Pence and convoy were en route to a "Cops For Trump" event in Pennsylvania. The bus, with Pence aboard, broadsided a dump truck and damaged the fender.

There were no injuries, but after an evaluation it was decided that Pence needed to be transferred to a limo for the duration of the ride. It took some time, but the convoy was able to get going and continue to the event under police escort.

That is, until two of the police escorting the motorcade went down.

The cause of that collision is still being investigated, according to CBS Pittsburgh. What we do know is that about 40 minutes after the initial bus crash, two officers with the Pittsburgh police Special Deployment Division and acting as security detail for Pence's motorcade went down.

There were minor injuries such as abrasions. Both officers were treated and released.

CNN published images that showed Pence, who did not wear a mask nor practice social distancing, speaking to officers.


Pence did eventually make it to the event to deliver what was described as "a racially-coded and uninspiring speech to a small crowd of almost all White people."

Twitter has given almost no attention to the event or Pence's speech, but the drive there seems to be a favorite topic.

As we stated before, everyone involved in the accidents is fine. None of the vehicles were rendered inoperable.

The only serious damage is the burns from the way the internet is roasting Trump/Pence over it—and people seem pretty OK with that.