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Trump Dragged After Making A Big Show Of Dropping Cash Into A Las Vegas Church's Collection Plate


While campaigning in Nevada on Sunday, October 18, President Trump visited the International Church of Las Vegas.

During the service, the President was "caught" on camera making a scene out of the money he dropped into the collection plate.

As the plate came his way, the President grabbed the cash out of his pocket, fanned it out and counted it multiple times before finally dropping it in.

Twitter was quick to call the President out on his little "stunt."

More than a couple people recognized that a $60 donation is almost nothing coming from a "billionaire" like the President.

Many people online couldn't help but cringe at the awkward moment.

It doesn't seem like the President has won over any new supporters with his generosity.

Others thought the President's repeated counting of money might have stemmed from a reluctance to give.

With less than three weeks until election day, every move the President makes could impact his chances at re-election.

On Twitter, at least, it seems this church visit may have been a bust.