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Trump Claims FBI Searched Mar-A-Lago For 'Hillary Clinton E-mails' In Unhinged Interview

Trump Claims FBI Searched Mar-A-Lago For 'Hillary Clinton E-mails' In Unhinged Interview
James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images; Stefanie Rex/picture alliance via Getty Images

Here's how you know former Republican President Donald Trump is getting more and more panicked about the results of the FBI search on his Florida home turned resort early last month.

He's completely run out of excuses and explanations.

So instead, he's blaming the whole thing on someone else. Take a wild guess who...

Yep! His 2016 election opponent and former Democratic Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In a new interview, Trump claimed to radio host Wendy Bell the FBI wasn't even looking for his documents. No no, they were looking for more "Hillary Clinton e-mails."

Of course his comments come on the heels of a Justice Department filing made public Tuesday night that provided more insight into the nature of the scandal surrounding Trump's handling of documents at Mar-a-Lago.

See Trump's comments below.

Speaking to Bell, a right-wing conservative online radio host sponsored by an alternative medicine weight-loss guru, Trump claimed:

“I think they were looking for Hillary Clinton e-mails…. I think they thought—and who knows, boxes full of stuff—I think they thought it had something to do with the Russia Russia Russia hoax."
"They were afraid that things were in there. Part of their scams material.”

The FBI, of course, has been pretty forthcoming about what they were looking for at Mar-a-Lago and found much of what was listed on its search warrant, so this speculation is as unwarranted as it is unhinged.

The filing released by the DOJ on Tuesday was in response to Trump's demand an independent Special Master be appointed to review the documents found at Mar-a-Lago.

Rather than comply with his demands, the DOJ filing laid out evidence of Trump's obstruction of justice and included photos of some of what they found at his Mar-a-Lago residence—to which Trump of course had a ludicrous response.

The photo included documents marked "TOP SECRET" and "SECRET" spread on the floor of Trump's office with an evidence marker and rjler for reference, but no Hillary Clinton emails were visible.

On Twitter, people couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of Trump's claim.

Trump's interview with Bell only got more bizarre from there as he told her he plans to pardon all January 6 rioters when he is elected President again.

Keep the dream alive, Don.