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Trump Gave A Bizarre Shoutout During That Damning Audio Recording—And People Are Obsessed

After CNN aired the recording of Trump admitting to being in possession of classified military documents, his request for 'Cokes' stood out.

Donald Trump
Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump's affinity for Diet Coke has made headlines once again, but this time, it unexpectedly plays a role in the ongoing classified documents scandal surrounding his presidency.

In a newly obtained audio recording, Trump can be heard acknowledging the existence of classified documents after leaving the White House, a revelation that has strengthened the legal case against him. However, it was the mention of "Cokes" at the end of the recording that caught the attention of social media users, sparking a trending discussion online.

Known for his fondness for the fizzy beverage, Trump's love for Diet Coke was no secret during his time in office. It was even reported that he had a button on his Oval Office desk to summon the drink at will.

This unique preference for Diet Coke has now unexpectedly taken on symbolic significance due to its mention in the incriminating audio recording.

You can hear what Trump said in the video below.

It has a very on-brand moment for Trump that opened him up to considerably more mockery online.

Legal experts argue that the newly surfaced audio strengthens the case against Trump, potentially resulting in serious legal consequences.

The former President currently faces 37 counts related to the alleged mishandling of classified materials and obstructing government efforts to recover them. The revelation in the recording could further bolster the prosecution's arguments, increasing the likelihood of Trump facing prison time.

Earlier, Trump lashed out at special counsel Jack Smith after CNN aired audio of Trump showing off material he deems "highly confidential."

Trump called Smith "deranged" and accused him of "illegally" leaking the tape that has served as a boon to the federal government's case against him.

There is no evidence presented by Trump to support the claim that Smith, the Department of Justice (DOJ), or the FBI were involved in the publication of the audio.