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Tom Brady Leaves The Internet Thirsty With Video Of Him Wearing A Pair Of His New Underwear

Tom Brady Leaves The Internet Thirsty With Video Of Him Wearing A Pair Of His New Underwear

NFL star Tom Brady has a new underwear line--and the internet can barely contain its thirst.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion just launched his line Brady today, and to celebrate he posted a video to Instagram of him modeling the skivvies. And to say that the internet is loving it would be an understatement.

Brady bills his brand as "the most comfortable underwear ever," but it doesn't seem like comfort is what's on his fans' minds, ifyouknowwhatwemean.

See his Instagram video below.

The video in question was filmed by Brady's wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, so it's perhaps unsurprising that it captures Brady from flattering angles that his fans are loving.

As Bundchen films, Brady attempts to strike model-like poses as Bundchen playfully teases him, saying:

“Somebody’s got new underwear, what is this? Let me see your underwear. Is that Brady Brand underwear?”

It is indeed Brady Brand underwear, which Brady described in his caption thusly:

"Launching Thursday 06.09: Underwear."
"The most comfortable underwear ever that never loses its shape, and is @gisele approved."
"Available in boxer briefs and briefs."
"Get ready to look and feel #BetterInBrady. Join the waitlist now on to shop the drop before anyone else."

That's all fine and good of course, but suffice to say Brady's sales pitch was completely lost in the shuffle.

Because all anybody noticed in the video was the, um, contents inside Brady's Brady Brands? If you will?

His junk, is what we're getting at. All anyone noticed was his junk.

And in the comments, they definitely let him know.

Like a pack of thirsty hyenas.











These people better be careful or Gisele is gonna mass-block every one of them.

The thirst is real!