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Climbing Toddler Gets Stuck In Las Vegas Skee-Ball Machine As His Parents Desperately Try To Get Him Out In Viral Video

@DabAndGo / Twitter

Parents everywhere will tell you, give your kids two minutes, and they could be into anything.

And if they're being quiet?

You'd better be ready for a disaster.

But as one couple found out, quite hilariously, you don't need a quiet space to find yourself in a pickle.

However it happened, the dad caught on video his wife kneeling on the ramp of a skee-ball machine, trying to get their toddler out of the game enclosure. The boy had climbed up the ball ramp of the game and was stuck in-between the glass barrier and the rings where the skee-balls are meant to go to win a prize.

The father, while filming, can be heard giggling and repeating:

"Oh, I'm crying."

In the video, the mother is trying to pull on her toddler's leg and coaching him on how to get back down. In the meantime, the toddler is hilariously holding onto the 5,000-point ring, clearly ready to win this game.

You can watch the video here.

The video has gone completely viral, boasting more than 833-thousand likes and 222-thousand retweets, not to mention nearly 4-thousand comments.

Despite going viral, the reactions have been resoundingly negative.

This is probably something that happened in Vegas that the parents should have left in Vegas!

Like anything else, though, there have been a few outliers.

In this case, parents who identified with the parents' predicament instead of condemning them.

Kids truly will get into anything, given even a moment.

Of course, at least one of the parents had to stand up for the video.

The father replied:

"It's the people with no kids that don't understand it takes 2 seconds the little guy is quick."

His comment reminds us that every family is a little bit different, and each child's needs and... aspirations... are going to be a little bit different, too.

We're at least hoping, after getting up close and personal the way they did, that they at least won that skee-ball game!

Whether or not they did, surely this was a trip the family will never forget.