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Guy Asks Internet For Tips On Covering Up 'Shrimps' Tattoo—And Becomes A Living Legend

A man who has 'shrimps is bugs' tattooed on his leg wants to cover it up—but the internet is obsessed.

Man getting tattooed on his arm
vgajic/GettyImages, @shrimpssss/Twitter

When we're younger, we make decisions without really considering the consequences of their potentially long-lasting effects. One such activity some people end up either regretting or wanting to move on from years is getting inked, as in terrible tattoos.

Redditor Lewbularlar outgrew his tattoo—"shrimps is bug" etched in a sans-serif font above his knee—but he didn't know how to cover it up.

So he reached out to the TattooDesigns subReddit and asked for suggestions.

"I need ideas for a horizontal design for this dumb tattoo I got above my knee when I was 19."
"I like American traditional/black and grey type stuff but I haven’t been able to find any designs that would cover it and look good."
"Any ideas are appreciated."

He referred to the separate tattoo just above the obscure catchphrase and added:

"P.s. the little guy above it can stay or go as long as shrimps is bugs is covered."

However, the majority of responding users missed the assignment.

Many suggested he not only keep the tattoo but draw even more attention to it.

One Redditor wrote:

"This may be the best tattoo I’ve ever seen. It would be a travesty to get it covered. Now, what you should do is get a frame tattoo around it."

Another said:

"Honestly I would just add more tattoos around it so it looks more natural. It'll blend in with the rest of them. I f***in love this tattoo. Shrimps is bugs."

A third wrote:

"Hahahah I just love the idea that this guy got the funniest/greatest tattoo of all time, to the extent that he can’t even ask for advice on how to get rid of it b/c we all just like it so much."

Even Twitter was in favor of the "Shrimps" tat.

One user did humor him with a response to his inquiry.

And finally, one Redditor did offer a suggestion worth sitting on.

"If you can’t get rid of it at least think about some squats to make it look a little better."


Better luck next time, buddy.