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Tim Cook Tweeted A Photo Of Himself That Unintentionally Set Him Up For A Slew Of Memes

picture alliance / Contributor / Getty Images / @Mary_Barnett / Twitter

Tim Cook, current CEO of Apple, recently shared a photo of himself writing the word "hello" on an iPad Mini with an Apple Pencil.

The share comes at the same time as an announcement that the new 7.9" iPad Mini will support input from the first generation Apple Pencil on its Retina display.

After President Trump mistakenly referred to Cook as "Tim Apple" at the recent American Workforce Policy Advisory Board Meeting, the internet took the blunder and ran with it. This included Tim Cook himself, who changed his Twitter display name to "Tim " [the Apple logo will only display on Mac and iOS devices].

The Tim Apple meme is still definitely alive and well in the replies to Cook's photo.

Some users recalled an even older Apple project: the Newton MessagePad.

One kind Twitter user even made a template for anyone else who wanted to meme Cook.

Some wanted to know about other upcoming announcements from Apple.

All-in-all, Twitter users had a grand ol' time with this photo, and quite a few seemed excited to see what Apple would be announcing next week!