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TikToker Hit With Backlash After Getting Single Mom's Number In Target As A 'Prank' For Video

TikToker Hit With Backlash After Getting Single Mom's Number In Target As A 'Prank' For Video

A TikToker has been lambasted after filming himself flirting with a single mother and getting her phone number as a prank.

The video was filmed in a Target store by a man named Ethan who is one of a group of men who run the TikTok account @sus4life, which produces videos showing various men hitting on woman.

The video shows Ethan approaching the woman while she is shopping along with her child, who witnesses the interaction and with whom Ethan also interacts.

People on TikTok have blasted Ethan for what struck many as a cruel and inappropriate prank.

See the video below.


"Are you single?" 😂 #pranks #hotmoms #prank #comedy #fyp

In the video, Ethan approaches the single mother in one of the aisles in the Target store, asking her if she's single. When she replies that she is, he begins flirting, asking her:

"What does that mean? Should I get your number?"

The single mother responds by asking him how old he is and how old he thinks she is. When she tells him she's 38, he lays it on think.

"Wow, you look way younger! ... When I first saw your face I was like, 'This girl's gorgeous.' Swear to God!"

After a bit more conversation the woman, who identifies herself as "Jenn," says, "Lemme give you my number and we'll see if you call." Ethan then begins playing with her son, clapping with him and telling him, "I'm getting your mom's number, yay!" while turning to laugh knowingly at the person running the camera.

Once the video went viral, Jenn showed up in Ethan's comments, and she was none too please. She wrote:

"Hi, I’m the Jenn in this video. I think these kinds of 'pranks' are ridiculous. Please do a better job of blurring my face, Ethan."

She then reposted it on her own page, and further voiced her distaste for the prank in her own comments.


Layne and I are low key TikTok famous 😂 might as well post since people recognize me anyway 🙄

In response to a commenter who commiserated with her about how cruel this prank was, given the difficult single woman frequently experience in the dating world, Jenn wrote:

"I already deal with inconsistent men my age. I don’t need younger ones too 😂"
"I have to work and be a mom to three. Keep Up a household… etc."
"I really don’t have the time or energy to get involved in sh*t like this. My time is honestly valuable. He didn’t see it that way."

Commenters on both posts shared Jenn's distaste for Ethan's prank.










Hot tip for those thinking of doing a prank like this: Don't.