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Teen Learns That We Don't Actually Live Inside Earth—And Her Mind Is Clearly Blown 😮

"Wait, when we go to the Philippines we go [to] outer space?!?"

Teen Learns That We Don't Actually Live Inside Earth—And Her Mind Is Clearly Blown 😮
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We're not sure how this teenager missed this particular scientific fact. We don't know if she was absent that day, or maybe she saw a few images that showed the atmosphere and got confused or what. All we do know for sure is that this poor girl had gone her whole life thinking we, as humans, live INSIDE of the planet. Like mole people.

We've all had those moments where we realized we were wrong, maybe even realized we were wrong about something kind of basic, but few of us have ever been THIS wrong or had that moment caught on video. This teenager had her moment captured on camera and shared all over the internet by her sister.

Not only does the teen realize she's wrong, she seems absolutely rocked by the realization. You can almost see her go through the stages of grief as she works it all out! Her father and sister try to help explain it but in their exasperation it all goes sideways. We don't exactly get a "Bill Nye The Science Guy" style lesson on how the Earth and atmosphere function - but we DO get some amazing quotable moments.

At one point the girl frustrates her father so much that he just agrees with her when she decides the Philippines is in outer space. Then we get treated to a philosophical discussion on the location of clouds, and finally a slaughtering of the pronunciation of the word "Uranus." It's not even 2 minutes long, but wow this video really packs in the entertainment... take a look.

Twitter couldn't love this video any more if they tried. As we sit typing this, the video has been shared more than 250 thousand times! It's got over four thousand comments. Hopefully the teen doesn't mind this being her shining moment of internet glory - because that's pretty much what's happening.

A surprising amount of people related to her - and were willing to admit it. (I'll add my name to that hat. Until age 9, I honestly believed the moon followed me around everywhere I went because it really liked me. It never occurred to me that everyone could see the moon all the time, even if I wasn't with them. It didn't help that my family fully supported and encouraged my theory - THANKS GUYS. It was a rough day when I finally figured it out.)

Others felt for the poor girl - some even came to her defense!

Most people couldn't stop laughing at the many, MANY, quotable moments.

So what have we learned today? "We are not a snow globe." Take that piece of knowledge with you on your journey through life. You're welcome. If any of you guys have embarrassing moments like this that you want to share, sound off in the comments.

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