Four Syracuse University Students Suspended After String Of Anti-Semitic And Racist Incidents

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Four students from New York's Syracuse University have been suspended pending an investigation after a slew of racist and anti-semitic incidents on campus.

Chancellor Kent Syverud announced the suspensions on Wednesday, just days after school administrators suspended all fraternity social activities for the remainder of the fall semester.

The suspensions were made because of a report from a black student who said she was verbally harrassed by members of the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity.

There is surveillance video showing the incident, among other "substantial evidence" obtained by the school, that identifies the offenders as members of Alpha Chi Rho and some of their guests.

Syverud confirmed that 4 of the 14 people involved in that incident were Syracuse students, while 9 were enrolled at other schools.

Those schools have been informed of their students' conduct and it will be up to them to make decisions about student discipline.

"The student who was reported to be the most aggressive in this incident is affiliated with Rutgers University."

He also confirmed that the 4 students from Syracuse University were on interim suspension.

"Our four Syracuse University students are now on interim suspension. They are not on our campus and they are not participating in classes."

The case was not being handled exclusively at the academic level, however. Chancellor Syverud said legal action could also be on the table.

"The entire case has also been referred to the Onondaga County District Attorney."

Chancellor Syverud's full address to the University Senate can be viewed below.

Chancellor Syverud also acknowledged student protestor's demands that he step down from his position as chancellor unless he agrees to a list of demands relating to ending these sorts of incidents on campus.

Though he made no indication that he has plans to resign his position, he did recognize the students' protest.

"That was hard to listen to. I've heard what has been said."

Syverud also renounced the recent bigoted incidents of discrimination and harassment on campus in an email to all students.

"This report of an affront to our student's—and our whole community's—safety and well-being is the latest incident of several against Jews, Asians and African Americans."

The move to suspend all Fraternity social activity on campus, rather than simply leaving it at fully suspending Alpha Chi Rho, has received some criticism.

Activist Zellie Imani tweeted about the ban, and it's unfair application.

"Even though it was members from a white fraternity that harassed and called a black woman a n—-r, all fraternities at Syracuse have had their social activities suspended. Even the Black ones. Ridiculous move."

Issues with racism among fraternities are not a new thing at Syracuse University. Last year, several students were involved in another incident, leading to the suspension of 15 students from the Theta Tau fraternity.

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