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'Star Trek' Star Wil Wheaton Spreads Love To All The Gay Boys Who Had Crushes On His Character


Wil Wheaton has kicked off pride by acknowledging the role his character played in some fans' realization of their sexuality. Namely many of his queer fans have told him they had a crush on his character "Wesley Crusher" when they were younger.

On his Facebook page, Wheaton shared a Federation emblem recolored with a rainbow for pride, along with the story of fans expressing their personal history with his character.

And Wheaton couldn't be happier he helped people figure out who they are.

The post reads:

"Over the years, I've met several men who have told me that their childhood crush on Wesley Crusher was a big part of them coming out and living their lives with joy and love and pride."
"I can not even begin to tell you how much this means to me. I love it so much that I, and some of my work, were there for people (when I didn't even know it was happening) who needed a safe place."
"Happy Pride, you lovely and perfect humans. I, and Wesley Crusher, see you, and we absolutely adore you."

The post received a lot of positive comments.

Wil Wheaton / Facebook

Wil Wheaton / Facebook

Wil Wheaton / Facebook

Wil Wheaton / Facebook

Over on Twitter, his wife, Anne Wheaton, passed the message along.

She shared the post and her support for the sentiment.

Gates McFadden, who played Wesley's mother Dr. Beverly Crusher, also weighed in on how proud she is of her "spaceson."

This may be surprising to some, as Wesley Crusher had a reputation for annoying some fans.

However, Wheaton has made a name for himself outside of the show. And his support for the LGBTQ+ community was appreciated.

Overall, many were happy to be seen and that Wheaton is so supportive.

Thank you Wil Wheaton, and Wesley Crusher, for your unfailing support and humanity.