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Someone Gave Trump's Speech About His Fast Food Spread The 'Veep' Treatment 😂

Someone Gave Trump's Speech About His Fast Food Spread The 'Veep' Treatment 😂
CNN/YouTube, @Redpainter1/Twitter

The President of the United States served junk food to the national champion Clemson University Tigers when they came to visit the White House and one Twitter user turned the moment into a comical send up.

Donald Trump claims the government shut down is the reason for the serving of fast food, seeming to take pride in the moment by saying:

"If it's American, I like it. It's all American stuff, American."

Not everyone is laughing at what is being seen by many as a political stunt at the expense of the team. Former NFL player Reggie Bush commented via Twitter on the mound of fast food being served to the champions, calling it a "huge slap in the face."

"Just when you think you've seen it all, @ClemsonFB you guys deserve better you are world champs and this is the honor you receive from our nations leader!? This is disrespectful on so many levels, just a huge slap in the face after that kind of performance! SMH!"

But one Twitter user managed to find the humor in the situation. Going my the name m i t h, they put Trumps speech to HBO's VEEPmusic and the results are perfect.

They captioned the tweet:

"Today, the white house became a food court at the mall."

Some folks were laughing...

...while others were simply grossed out.

Some could only shake their heads.

Is there a drive thru coming soon?