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Sketch That Helps You Determine if You Have the Flu Emerges Online

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Healthcare officials are estimating this to be the worst flu season to date around the world. In Britain, over 205 cases of the flu are currently being treated as high priority and emergencies. Sometimes it's hard to tell if we're feeling run down, have a really nasty cold, or if the flu is sneaking up on us. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a guide to self-diagnosing the flu? One Twitter user shared a pro tip from a doctor, and people love it.

As basic as it is, Twitter users were loving the chart and praising its accuracy:

The doctor's algorithm prompted others to share their diagnostic processes for identifying the flu:

If you follow the chart and you have the flu, stay in bed and take care of yourself!

We're glad someone else thought this, too:

Get your flu shot, wash your hands nonstop, and stay home if you're sick!

H/T: Indy100, Twitter