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Seth Rogen Just Learned That His Alexa Can Do All Sorts Of Farts On Command, And It's Maybe The Best Thing Ever

Seth Rogen Just Learned That His Alexa Can Do All Sorts Of Farts On Command, And It's Maybe The Best Thing Ever
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images; @Sethrogen/Twitter

Alright, everyone, how are we doing so far in this quarantine? Hanging in there? Ready to pull your hair out? Spending hours making a mental list of all of the things you'd sacrifice just to go sit in an Applebee's for 15 minutes and eat a quesadilla with a bunch of very annoying strangers just to feel normal again?

Pretty sure everyone's answer is, "Yeah same" at this point--even Hollywood stars, it turns out. We speak specifically of comedic actor Seth Rogen, who recently discovered a fun new activity for those of us looking for things to occupy our rapidly decaying minds.

All you need is a juvenile appreciation for the classics of comedy and an Amazon Alexa, which, as Rogen discovered, will make an endless and multi-faceted array of fart noises on command. Who knew!

Rogen has been a veritable fount of quarantine activities, from watching CATS high, to taking up pottery to making new vessels for his houseplants. He must've gotten bored with all that though. Because, as he said on Twitter recently, he plans to spend the "next few weeks" exploring Alexa's flatulence stylings.

Rogen shared a hilarious video of Alexa's gaseous prowess, and safe to say it--ahem--blew everyone away.

The video starts out simply enough, with Rogen instructing "Alexa: fart." But then things progress rather quickly into...well, an entire repertoire this writer frankly didn't realize existed. Here is just a sampling of fart genres that Alexa has mastered:

  • "Tiny one"
  • "Silent one"
  • "Pooey one"
  • "Cheek-wobbling one"
  • "Difficult fart"

The latter comes with a realistic grunt and groan, the verisimilitude of which is frankly horrific--even more so than the mere existence of a "pooey one." Will the wonders of technology never cease?!

But perhaps even more hilarious (or unsettling, depending on your sensibilities) is the refartee--er, sorry, repartee--Alexa provides in between farts. Some choice selections:

"I have another one brewing. Do you want to hear it?"


And then there was this helpful suggestion.

"Try asking me for a difficult fart."

But the most interesting trick Alexa apparently had up her sleeve was...well, we'll just let her tell it:

"Try a 60-seconds fart countdown."


Sadly, somehow Rogen resisted asking for this option, which is frankly devastating. But given all the joy he's brought to the internet with his discovery, it's hard not to forgive him!

Best of all, a few lucky--or deeply unfortunate, again depending on your sensibilities--people discovered that watching Rogen's videos will actually activate your Alexa's farting sequence.

Though be advised--as some of Rogen's followers learned the hard way, if you've got a Google Home or Siri, you are sadly out of luck.

Surely this is at least somewhat key to the Alexa's dominance of the home AI market.

Anyway, there you have it: your newest quarantine pastime. It's an absolute gas! (So, so sorry, really...)