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Ryan Gosling Reveals When He Knew Eva Mendes Was The One—And Fans Are Swooning Hard

The two actors met while filming 2012's 'The Place Beyond the Pines,' and Gosling knew that he would be 'really lucky' to have a life with Mendes.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling
Sonia Recchia/Getty Images

Ryan Gosling revealed that he knew the exact moment his longtime romantic partner Eva Mendes was the one for him.

The pair has been romantically linked since 2011 after co-starring together in the epic crime drama, The Place Beyond the Pines.

They have two daughters, Esmerelda–who was born in 2014—and Amanda–who was born two years later.

Before becoming a dad, Gosling told GQ in an interview that he never thought about fatherhood until Mendes told him she was pregnant.

The 42-year-old Golden Globe winner later explained further what he meant.

"That's not really true," he clarified, adding:

"I didn’t want to overshare, but now I also don’t want to misrepresent."
"I mean, it's true that I wasn't thinking about kids before I met her, but after I met Eva, I realized that I just didn't want to have kids without her."
"And there were moments on 'The Place Beyond the Pines' where we were pretending to be a family, and I didn't really want it to be pretend anymore."
"I realized that this would be a life I would be really lucky to have."

Admirers were inspired to seek the same relationship goals.

After finding success as a leading man in commercial films like La La Land and Blade Runner 2049, Gosling took a four-year absence from Hollywood to devote some time to being a family man after he and Mendes had their second daughter, Amanda.

"I wanted to spend as much time as I could with them," he said.

"I would never want to go back, you know?"
"I’m glad I didn’t have control over my destiny in that way, because it was so much better than I ever had dreamed for myself.”

After his brief hiatus, Gosling was back on the big screen with movies like the 2022 action thriller The Gray Man and the upcoming Barbie movie inspired by the Mattel fashion doll of the same name.