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JK Rowling Sparks Outrage After Praising Self-Described 'Fascist' For His Anti-Trans Film On Twitter

JK Rowling Sparks Outrage After Praising Self-Described 'Fascist' For His Anti-Trans Film On Twitter
Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images; Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images for Daily Wire

If you've had any doubts about just how deep Harry Potter author JK Rowling's bigotry might go, her endorsement of a vocally misogynistic alt-right ideologue's new deliberately transphobic film should ease them entirely.

BIPOC have been calling out Rowling's racism since her books were first published.

Rowling recently praised self-described " theocratic fascist" Matt Walsh's transphobic new film What Is a Woman?, produced by far-right ideologue Ben Shapiro's media platform The Daily Wire.

The documentary traffics in easily debunked disinformation and subtle mockery of transgender people, and was produced by essentially tricking trans and trans-inclusive people into being interviewed for it.

But Rowling praised it as astutely exposing the "incoherence" of trans-inclusive notions of gender in a tweet directed at Walsh.

Their conversation began after Walsh criticized singer Macy Gray for walking back her recent transphobic comments during an appearance on Piers Morgan's TV program following a wave of angry backlash.

Rowling had initially clapped back at Walsh for criticizing Gray, listing the repercussions women face for voicing transphobic views and telling telling him to "back off" unless he "understand[s] what happens to women who stand up on this issue."

Walsh responded by praising the "courage" he think Rowling has shown in being a leading voice of transphobia before reiterating his distaste for those who supposedly cave to the backlash their views inspire.

Rowling responded by suggesting Walsh save his ire for institutions rather than individual women after praising him for producing What Is a Woman? She wrote:

"[Y]our film did a good job exposing the incoherence of gender identity theory and some of the harms it's done."

Aside from his film's dishonestly produced and easily debunked rhetoric, Walsh is a self-proclaimed "theocratic fascist" and notorious misogynist who opposes abortion and has frequently expressed views about women so vile that even far-right darlings have decried his sexism.

But Rowling, a self-proclaimed feminist, seems to have never met a transphobe she couldn't cozy up to, even one who is a gleefully vocal opponent of women's rights.

And on Twitter, her praise for Walsh left many disgusted and appalled.

Many scholars and experts have said the far-right has latched onto transphobia because it is an effective way to recruit seemingly normal people into becoming fascists.

If diehard feminist JK Rowling's embrace of Matt Walsh isn't proof of that theory, it's hard to imagine what could be.