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Florida Republican Just Urged 'Erasing' The LGBTQ+ Community—'Damn Right, We Oughta Do It!'

Rep. Randy Fine from Florida’s 33rd district called to 'erase' the LGBTQ+ community while trying to get his HB 1423 bill, which focuses on 'adult live performance,' through the House.

The Florida Channel screenshot of Randy Fine
The Florida Channel

A Florida Republican Representative has sparked outrage after suggesting the whole LGBTQ+ community should be "erased" if they continue to "target children."

Randy Fine represents Florida's 33rd district, and he is currently trying to push through a bill that would penalize businesses that allow children to view "adult live performances."

At a state legislative committee hearing, Fine publicly criticized those who did not support his discriminatory bill. He drew attention to Pride organizers in his district who applied for a permit to hold a festival he discovered would include a "Drag Queen Story Hour."

Fine went as far as to suggest that "erasing" an entire community was justifiable if it meant protecting children.

You can hear what Fine said in the video below.

Fine attempted to use his opponents' arguments against them by pretending to be shocked by the idea that the LGBTQ+ was being associated with those who supposedly "target children" and insinuated that anyone who opposed his bill had ulterior motives.

He said:

“They’re the ones that are saying this definition applies to them. Well, if it means erasing a community because you have to target children, [then] damn right, we ought to do it."
“I just don’t think you have to inherently say because you’re lesbian or gay, that you want to target children. I find that statement to be offensive to them."
“The question is, why are there people in this world so determined to push this on children? Because if you weren’t doing that, this bill wouldn’t exist.”

HB 1423, proposed by Fine, would not only target drag shows but also penalize any business that allowed children to view adult content.

The bill's passage has sparked outrage among advocates for the LGBTQ+ community, who perceive it as an attack on their rights. The bill would permit the revocation of licenses or fines for businesses that allowed children to view adult performances. Additionally, individuals could face a third-degree felony if they knowingly permitted children into such "adult" shows.

Fine acknowledged that the bill might criminalize the work of some of the state's drag performers, many of whom have deep ties to the LGBTQ+ community. However, he neglected to mention that it may also criminalize his wife's work as a performer.

The revelation has led to further backlash against Fine, who has been accused of hypocrisy for sponsoring a bill that could harm his wife's work. Wendy Fine recently held a gala to raise money for a children's charity and the event was billed as featuring “an evening filled with sultry performers."

Many have criticized Fine for his remarks and called out his hypocrisy.

It remains to be seen whether Fine's bill will pass into law, but the situation has drawn attention to the need for lawmakers to carefully consider the potential impact of their legislation on all members of society, including those who may be inadvertently harmed.

The controversy surrounding the bill and Fine's wife's work has led to renewed calls for the protection of the LGBTQ+ community's rights and safety. Advocates have urged people to speak out against the bill and show their support for marginalized communities.