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Two Members Of Far-Right Proud Boys Gang Sentenced For Assault On Protesters Outside GOP Event In New York

Two Members Of Far-Right Proud Boys Gang Sentenced For Assault On Protesters Outside GOP Event In New York
Sandi Bachom/YouTube

Self-described "Western chauvinists" of the Proud Boys—a White supremacist hate group with heavy ties to White nationalists —attacked an antifascist protester after one of their meetings last year.

The protester, who allegedly threw a bottle, was attacked by at least a dozen members who could be heard saying:

"Do you feel brave now, f**got?"

Video of the assault is below, but the content may be too violent for some viewers.

Proud Boys Violent Assault After Gavin McInnes Republican Club Event 10/12/

To the outrage of many, no arrests were made at the time of the New York City assault, however, 10 of the assailants were arrested after an investigation.

Now, two of those 10—Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman—have been sentenced to four years in prison for attempted gang assault, attempted assault and rioting.

The heavy sentence is buoying to those who aren't White supremacists. For years, the Proud Boys' have incited and carried out violence with next to no serious punishment.

Twitter loved to see it.

Since news of the assault broke last year, allies of the Proud Boys have tried to maintain that anti-fascist protesters were equally aggressive.

A witness from that night tells a different story.

Not to mention, Proud Boys founder, Gavin McInness—who once called to "let everyone assimilate to a Western, White, English-speaking way of life"—has threatened that the group isn't above violence.

"We will kill you. We look nice. We seem soft. We have 'boys' in our name. But like Bill the Butcher and the Bowery Boys, we will assassinate you."

Eight of the remaining aggressors have yet to be sentenced.


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