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Piers Morgan Insists He's Not The Pigeon Lady From 'Home Alone 2'—But The Internet Has 'Proof'

Piers Morgan Insists He's Not The Pigeon Lady From 'Home Alone 2'—But The Internet Has 'Proof'
David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images; 20th Century Fox

We've all had at least one movie where we focused on one actor, right? We watched the film and thought the entire time we recognized the actor, but it turned out later we were wrong?

Well, it seems a lot of people online have confused Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan for "the Pigeon Lady," portrayed by Brenda Fricker in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York opposite a young Macaulay Culkin.

The rumors have circulated on and off for several years, including a tweet from Morgan's son, Spencer, in 2018.

But now that Morgan's co-host, Susanna Reid, pointed out their uncanny resemblance, it has spurred the internet on again.

When Reid confronted Morgan during a live show, Morgan was jokingly exasperated.

"Why does this keep coming around? That is not me. I am not the bag lady in Home Alone 2."

And though Morgan has repeatedly stated he is not this person and has never been this person, the internet's insistence Morgan is the Pigeon Lady has been unrelenting.

One Twitter user—Tahan Lew Fatt—posted a "conspiracy" meme relating to Morgan's purported role in the film.

The meme read:

"I'm not saying Piers Morgan is the Pigeon Lady from Home Alone 2, but have you ever seen them in a room together at the same time?"

When Fatt said she couldn't unsee the similarities, Morgan responded to her tweet, stating:

"I need you to, Tahan - urgently."

But just like before, those aware of Piers Morgan and fans of Home Alone 2 alike were not ready to let this go.

Some could not believe the resemblance.

Some have quipped Morgan was not pretty enough to be Brenda Flicker, or not kind enough to fulfill the role.

But most simply enjoyed watching Morgan squirm with the repeated comparisons.

Meanwhile, Spencer Morgan asked everyone to remember how this all got started.

Though Piers Morgan continues to argue he is not the sweet Pigeon Lady from Home Alone 2, it doesn't seem like the internet wants to let this one go anytime soon.

The good news is 2020 needed a good laugh and no one seems to mind if it's at Piers Morgan's expense.