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Pigeon Becomes Viral Sensation After Strutting Down Venice Film Festival Red Carpet

A pigeon took the 2023 Venice Film Festival by storm after walking the red carpet—and was instantly likened to the Met Gala cockroach.

Pigeon on the red carpet
Daniele Venturelli/WireImage/GettyImages

An unexpected guest at the 2023 Venice Film Festival red carpet event had everyone talking and snapping pics instead of crying fowl.

Back in May, dozens of luminaries flocked down to the annual MET Gala enrobed in their finest, most bombastic finery—which is typical of the glitzy-glam star-studded affair.

But it wasn't just Rihanna wearing Valentino, Cardi B in Chenpeng Studio, Jennifer Lopez in Ralph Lauren, and Lil Nas X in Dior, who turned heads rocking their jaw-dropping aesthetics.

The most talked-about guest strutting across the red carpet was a lone cockroach, whose debut at Anna Wintour's glamorous pageant ended with a smash.

Its short-lived appearance, however, was all the rage as photographers snapped photos of what was to become a very limited engagement.

But ole' roachie is yesterday's news.

The latest spotlight stealer was a pigeon that plopped onto the red carpet at the 80th Venice Film Festival that took place on August 30th.

The internet can recognize greatness when they see it.

Seeing the wayward fledgling instantly made people think about its news-making predecessor.

The jokes were flying in.

Some were not too fond of the concept of out with the old, in with the new.

Some people referenced the current SAG-AFTRA strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) that prevents actors from promoting their projects.

However, thanks to the union's interim agreement, actors involved in films not represented by the collective and that have agreed to SAG-AFTRA's terms are allowed to promote their films.

So while a handful of celebrities were present on the red carpet due to the exception rule, it didn't stop some social media users from expressing uninformed concerns for the pigeon.

Others continued plucking away with humor.

Fortunately the A-lister avian didn't suffer the same fate as the roach, whose life was tragically extinguished after its 15 minutes of fame.