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Photographer Tracks Down Super Photogenic UPS Guy From Viral Photo Thanks To The Power Of The Internet

Photographer Tracks Down Super Photogenic UPS Guy From Viral Photo Thanks To The Power Of The Internet
Sina Schuldt/picture alliance via Getty Images

Fate delivered the perfect package in the form of a prime photo opportunity.

A professional photographer by the name of Donreál was shooting on location in downtown Sanford when he was asked to take a photo of a UPS employee making a delivery.

The random encounter turned into a picture perfect post that has gone viral with 453K Twitter likes, to date.

Impressed by the result, Donreál asked the internet for any leads on identifying the photogenic delivery man, so that he can send him the photo.

The photographer tweeted:

"I was doing a photoshoot in downtown Sanford when this UPS delivery man kindly interrupted and asked for a picture."
"can someone find this man so he can see this."

The internet became instantly smitten with the UPS man's infectious smile and the search was on.

Who IS HE?

It almost looks like a painting.

A fellow professional chimed in with accolades.

The internet wouldn't be the internet unless they pointed out the kooky.

Some keen observers of the photo couldn't help noticing the spooky specter looming around above the truck's UPS logo.

Do you see it?

Is it even a spooky demon?

People also expressed their concern for the driver's safety after noticing what they suspected were bullet holes.

But let's get back on track.

It looks like UPS has a model employee.

Even UPS was on board with the search.

Eventually, the viral photo made its way to the delivery man's wife.

His family identified the mystery man as Jermey Watkins from Southern Pines.

His wife, LeCarya Watkins, showed up with the receipts and proudly shared a juxtaposed photo of her "bae" in his uniform and in his Sunday best.

It turns out Watkins has a voice that delivers too.

People are now envious of LeCarya.

A feel good story like this is just what we need this holiday season.

This year, UPS forecasts record-breaking holiday shipments, with return deliveries peaking at 1.4 million packages on January 2 – a 26% increase from last year's peak returns day.

Matthew O'Connor, UPS senior manager for public relations, told Transport Topics:

"We estimate UPS will deliver more than 32 million packages per day in the U.S. and around the world, an increase of more than 50% over our regular daily volume."

That's a lot of packages!

Thanks for all you do, UPS drivers. And please drive safe on all your respective routes.