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People Are Stunned After Trump Appears To Have Suddenly Gone Gray Following The Election

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Much like a McDonald's french fry left out to mold for ten weeks, Donald Trump has not shown any signs of aging for the last four years, but he may finally be showing the wear and tear most U.S. presidents experience during their tenure.

Post-election photos and video of soon-to-be-former President Trump consistently show him without his straw-blond hair that the American people are used to, instead displaying a uniform swirly of gray.

We will probably never know whether this is because Trump has stopped dying his hair "dog-piss yellow," as Ana Navarro-CΓ‘rdenas said, or if it has simply gone gray in the weeks following the election.

Looking back on a press conference in July where his hair seemed similarly gray, it's more likely that Trump simply stopped dyeing his hair while busy filing weak lawsuits in response to his loss in the November election.

Some people think this might be a political tactic to garner sympathy for Trump's inevitable court dates as soon as he leaves the presidency.

But sometimes people just forget to dye their hair. As we've learned from Trump, though, you can never go too far in assuming that everything he does has some sort of ulterior motive.