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People Are Starting To Have Some Serious Reservations About This Whole FaceApp Trend, And For Good Reason

@jonasbrothers/Twitter // @DrJenGunter/Twitter

Privacy in the 21st century is a treasured thing. With so much personal information in various forms of digital storage, protecting this data is crucial.

Facebook and numerous other companies have come under fire for the way they've handled user information, or for policies that leave this information vulnerable.

FaceApp, which produces ultra-realistic photos of its user in old age or with a beard or with different colored hair, is the latest application to give customers pause when deciding whether or not to press that download button.

The FaceApp photos are ubiquitous on social media.

But upon closer inspection of the user agreements and its parent company, people are growing more suspicious.

Some security experts assure that they can't find evidence of foul play, but still don't know what FaceApp does with the data it picks up.

People still aren't convinced.

Maybe we should just wait until we get old for real.

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