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People Choose Their Favorite Disney Princess—From Snow White To Raya And Beyond

Snow White debuted in 1937 while Raya was officially added during 2022 World Princess Week at Disneyland in August.

People Choose Their Favorite Disney Princess—From Snow White To Raya And Beyond
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In 1937 Walt Disney Productions released their first full-length animated feature film—Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs—based very loosely on an 1812 German fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.

And the first Disney princess was introduced to the world.

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Exactly how many Disney princesses there are as well as who does and doesn't qualify is a hotly debated topic.

According to the House of Mouse, there were eight official Disney princesses in the Princess Line launched in 2000: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora of Sleeping Beauty, Ariel of The Little Mermaid, Belle of Beauty And The Beast, Jasmine of Aladdin, Pocahontas and Mulan.

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That list increased by four with the additions of Tiana of The Princess and the Frog, Rapunzel of Tangled, Merida of Pixar's Brave and Moana.

Today, there are thirteen princesses in total, twelve from Walt Disney Animation Studios and one from Pixar.

The lucky thirteenth princess is Raya of Raya And The Last Dragon. The newest princess debuted at 2022 World Princess Week at Disneyland in August.

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But all rules were cast aside when actor and icon George Takei asked his Twitter followers:

"Who is your favorite Disney princess of all time, friends?"

There were some interesting choices.

Princess Leia proved very popular... did another member of sci-fi royalty.

The Alien queen.

Does this make the face-huggers or chest-bursters princesses?

Alien's xenomorph wasn't the only queen chosen.

RockyHorrorPictureShow's Dr. Frank N. Furter had fans.

And so did M.A.S.H.'s Corporal Maxwell Klinger.

meme of M.A.S.H. character Cpl. Klinger in drag labeled Disney Princess


And Captain Jack Harkness of Doctor Who and Torchwood.

And, ummm...

Some fans stuck to Disney's official list though, choosing Merida...





...and Moana.

Fans of Disney created their own unofficial lists of princesses.

The unofficial and former official princesses include Megara of Hercules, Kida of Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Eilonwy of The Black Cauldron who are all not part of the official line because of poor box-office showings.

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Vanellope von Schweetz of Wreck-It Ralph has a fun moment with 12 of the official princesses plus Anna and Elsa of Frozen in Wreck-It Ralph 2, but she isn't considered a princess.

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Princess Leia of Star Wars which is now owned by Disney as well as Nancy Tremaine and Giselle of Enchanted are excluded from the official line because they're live action characters which could involve royalty payments to the actors who portrayed them.

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Esméralda of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame was briefly part of the Princess Line in 2004 but was dropped due to poor merchandise sales.

Tinkerbell of Peter Pan was also part of the Princess Line until Disney launched the Disney Fairies centered on her character.

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Anna and Elsa of Frozen were intended to become part of the Princess Line.

But the success of Frozen led Disney to create their own separate media and merchandise line.

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So, who is your favorite Disney princess?