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People Share The One Thing They'll Never Be Able To Tolerate

People Share The One Thing They'll Never Be Able To Tolerate

We all have pet peeves. There's always going to be that one sound that annoys you every time you hear it, or that one person who just drives you up the wall with their lack of respect for personal space.

Some of them seem to be pretty universal though, like the sound of your voice played back on a recording. I've done voice-over work off and on for a couple of years and I still hate hearing my own voice. I've gotten used to it, but there's still this small internal cringe every time I sit down to edit. It's even worse if I happen to hear it when I'm not expecting it.

Reddit user DustierDragon asked:

"What is something you will never be able to tolerate?"

Some of these are individuals' pet peeves, others are simply bad manners, but all are truly irritating!

Your Insecurity Is Not Our Fault


Teachers/professors/instructors who are really insecure and take it out on students. Like you ask a question about the way they did something (why did you take points off for that, don't we have to move 20 yards during that choreography, etc) and they take it as a personal offense and get defensive. I instantly lose all respect for people like that.


Courtesy Doesn't Cost You Anything

Being rude to a cashier/server/cleaning people. You wouldn't speak to them like that if they were on the other side of the register so why would you do that when they're at their job? The frustration is towards a company but it's misplaced on the person providing the service. If they're sh*tty, respectfully tell them you're unsatisfied and leave.


Sudden Stops


People that enter somewhere busy like a Costco, find the worst choke point like the exit then stand there and go through their bag looking for a napkin or something. MOVE TO THE SIDE! THERE ARE DOZENS OF PEOPLE TRYING TO PASS YOU


There is a surprising amount of people who get off escalators, take one step forward and then stop to look where they're going next. It's quite possibly the worst place OF ALL TIMES to stop and block people behind you, cause they can not take a step back without falling or hurting themselves. Why can't people take the extra five steps to move to the side and then look around?! It is really not that hard and I assure you, you won't get completely lost or unable to find your way back. God, this makes me so frustrated, haha!


At Least It's Not Dial-up!

When the page doesn't fully load by the time you click on something then BAM it does and everything was shifted and look you just clicked on an ad and you're being redirected to a new page.


Or better yet, you're waiting... waiting... waiting... okay time to click refresh.

*clicks refresh*

*page finishes loading, then starts to reload again*

Waiting some more...



Rubbing two pieces of polystyrene together. Makes my teeth feel like they wanna shatter.




I Think We All Hate This One


The sound of my own voice on a recording.


I think I sound like a small child. I'm technically in management and we record our meetings. It's odd to listen to what sounds like a child giving orders.


You Don't Have To Bathe In It

People who wear SO MUCH perfume or cologne. Less is more, pal!


Alternatively, telling people that you're allergic to perfume and cologne, and then they spray it anyway while looking you right in the eyes. I have issues, evidently. A girl in my university class sprayed perfume next to me when I asked her not to and it irritated my nose so much that it gave me a nosebleed. No apology. The nerve of some people.


There's A Bin For A Reason

Littering. Makes me sad and angry at the same time.


It's even worse when there's a trash can like 5 feet away. Like, are you really that lazy?


Ugh, reminds me of people who leave shopping carts in the parking lot. The cart receptacle is 10 feet away you horrible person.


Gum Is The Worst


Loud, wet chewing/lip smacking. My old roommate used to eat like a camel and I would lay in a ball on the couch trying my best not to just supernova right there in the living room. I swear to God that sound haunts my dreams.

I hate conflict so I never knew how to explain why I was folding in on myself like an envelop every time he had dinner.

So yeah, that. And obnoxiously loud motorbikes.


Don't Be A Jerk

People who make fun of overweight people exercising.

Of course, people shouldn't judge others by the way they look. So making fun of an overweight person is already bad.

But when I hear someone making fun of an overweight person who's exercising, it makes me really angry. I usually feel the need to give a "lecture about life" to the wannabe joker.

Why the hell should people make fun of someone who's engaging a tough journey to get better?


Personal Responsibility Is Key 

Who doesn't keep things clean when living in shared house. Wash your damn pots and dishes after use


Just Stay Away

People who don't understand personal space.


I hate that so much, that I actually found a solution. When someone gets really close to you, take a step back with one foot, leaving the other where it was. It will create an arms length of space that they can't come closer..... unless they want to straddle your leg.


Enjoy The Show

People talking/texting in movie theaters.


I keep thinking, "Why? You paid $15+ plus the obnoxious price of food to watch a movie, and people are paying more attention to their PHONES."


Just Let Me Have My Tunes! 

I'm a pretty mellow guy until my earphones get yanked out of my ears . . .


Holy crap a passenger on a plane trip did this to me so she could chat. Can't you read universal code for no small talk and fundamental law of respect my personal space?


The Worst Sound

Rubbing two pieces of polystyrene together. Makes my teeth feel like they wanna shatter.


A Quick Google Is All It Takes

People who mindlessly repost things without fact checking.


I have a friend like this. The worst part is when you fact check him, you're the jerk because you're making him sound like a dumb**s. Dude, you are a dumb**s.


Entitlement Is The Worst


Parents that raise their children to have the mindset that they are entitled to everything.


Haha true. But also sometimes it's not the parent's fault. One of my brothers has this attitude and I don't know where it came from. Myself, my other siblings and my parents don't think or act like this but for some reason this one member of the family does.


It's Not Borrowing If You Never Return It

People who borrow stuff, and never return it.


Or damage it and return it. I lent a basically new book to a buddy and when I got it back it looked like a library book after 40 years. And the thing I don't understand is he never even finished reading it, how did it get so messed up if you couldn't even be bothered to read it?


The Store Isn't Here Just For You, Karen

People who are completely unaware of their surroundings.

I'm talking about Karen who puts their cart diagonally in the aisle and blocks you from getting through and makes it seem like a huge inconvenience that they had to move their cart.


I will move people's carts if they have done this. Easy fix, no need for any passive or overt aggression from anyone. Karen usually gets mad but you can just keep walking.


No Always Means No


People not respecting a clear NO.


This is a very important thing to teach kids, both in them respecting others' choices and in expecting respect for their own "no"s. Some things of course like bed times they need to follow set rules, but if you ask for a hug and they say no, just respect that and don't go around picking them up against their will.


My husband called me out on that one day. I asked my then 4 year old son for a hug and he said "No." I said something like "Oh come on give Mommy a hug." My husband looks up and said "He already said no." It hit me; I HATED it when relatives did it to me and here I was doing it to him. I apologized to both of them and made a conscious effort to never to that again. Now, when he gives me a hug it's because he wants to, (or wants something 😂) and it makes the hug better.