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Nurse Sparks Backlash After Posting Emotional TikTok Right After She Lost A Patient

Nurse Sparks Backlash After Posting Emotional TikTok Right After She Lost A Patient

Wanting the general public to understand and appreciate the heavy emotional toll that comes with your job is a feeling quite a few folks can understand.

First responders, social workers, 911 dispatchers, mental health professionals, medical professionals and more all share that same desire. Maybe, if more people understood, more people could make better choices.

The desire to be understood - to make a difference - is understandable.

Having said that, there are ways to go about garnering that sympathy and understanding... and then there's whatever nurse and former TikTok user @olivia_tylerr33 did.

We say former because she ended up deleting both the video we're about to talk about and her entire account.

But, as we've said countless times before, the internet is forever.

Her video has been shared and stitched so many times that there's no erasing it now.

You're probably wondering what she could have posted that set people off so much, huh?

It wasn't anything gorey, or anything that violated any privacy standards or anything like that.

To many people, it just made her look like a narcissist.

Here's a tweet featuring the clip.

The brief video shows the nurse in scrubs leaning against the walls of her hospital, looking despondent. She takes deep breaths, removes her mask, and uses the wall for support - all indicating that she is wrapped up in grief.

Over her head, text reads:

"lost a patient today"
" 'shake it off, you have 5 more hours' "

The 15 second snippet features part of Sia's song "Unstoppable" as it's poignant soundtrack.

While most people understood what the nurse may have been going for, they were pretty turned off by where she ended up.

The Stitches were brutal ...


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Twitter wasn't any nicer.

How would you feel if you found out the professional who treated your lost loved one posted this?

It seems a lot of people would not be OK with it.