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White Supremacist Nick Fuentes Caught On Video Hurling His Soda At In-N-Out Customers

Fuentes claimed that he was 'attacked first' after video of the incident made the rounds on social media.

Nick Fuentes; Twitter screenshot of Nick Fuentes throwing soda cup in restaurant
William Edwards/AFP/Getty Images; @yzymoment/Twitter

Self-proclaimed White nationalist incel Nick Fuentes—who has generated significant controversy since he joined rapper and designer Ye for a highly controversial meeting with former Republican President Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate—was caught on video hurling his soda at customers at an In-N-Out Burger joint in Los Angeles.

A video posted to social media shows a visibly angry Fuentes tossing his soda at a customer and spraying several patrons in the process.

You can see the video below.

Fuentes was in the company of racist YouTuber Nico Kenn De Balinthazy, better known as Sneako, at the time of the incident.

After video of the incident went viral, Sneako published a video in which he came to Fuentes' defense and claimed Fuentes was "attacked first."

You can see it below.

Sneako said:

"Before this goes viral, I know this is going to look bad on Nick Fuentes. You can see him throwing a Sprite in the In-N-Out but in the ceiling right here you'll see there's ketchup all over."
"That's because some lady and her husband came up to us, flipped us off, and then threw the ketchup over me and Nick, mostly Nick [because] I just wiped it out of my hoodie, and he retaliated with a Sprite."
"That's actually what happened. We were attacked first... and that's the truth."

Witnesses who spoke to TMZ confirmed a couple did approach Fuentes and they threw paper of cups of ketchup at him after a verbal dispute.

Fuentes left the restaurant about five minutes after hurling his soda at the couple, one of whom called him a "racist" as he was leaving the premises.

Fuentes' actions did not invite sympathy.

Sneako's own video didn't go over well either.

Fuentes—who has been cited by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for his hateful rhetoric and previously advocated for "something like Taliban rule in America"—has attracted considerable attention from both left-wing and right-wing news outlets since meeting with Trump late last month.

Trump attempted to distance himself from Ye and Fuentes since the news about their dinner broke.

Trump insisted he didn't know who Fuentes was even though sources told reporters Trump openly praised Fuentes during the dinner Fuentes attended as the guest of Ye, who recently announced a 2024 presidential bid on the Republican ticket.

However, there is no indication that Trump didn't know who Fuentes was, and according to Ye, Trump was "very impressed" with Fuentes—who referred to Trump as a personal "hero"—and The New York Times reported that Trump declared he liked Fuentes, even saying that Fuentes "gets me."

Fuentes, for his part, said on his podcast he "had a very interesting dinner" with Ye and Trump, though he added he feels "a little bit embarrassed in a certain sense because, you know, this has become a little bit of a scandal for President Trump."