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White Nationalist Ripped By Podcast Host For Never Having Had A Girlfriend After His Sexist Comments

White Nationalist Ripped By Podcast Host For Never Having Had A Girlfriend After His Sexist Comments
You Are Here

Nick Fuentes, a prominent White nationalist and Holocaust denier, became an online laughing-stock after revealing he's never had a girlfriend on far-right conspiracy theory podcast You Are Here immediately after espousing wildly misogynist beliefs.

Fuentes rattled off a laundry list of cartoonishly sexist views to the podcast's hosts, like women shouldn't vote and the Taliban's treatment of women is the secret to its success.

Even for a podcast as far to the right as You Are Here--this is a show that congratulated Kyle Rittenhouse for killing people earlier this week--Fuentes' comments were over a line.

Co-host Sydney Watson did not take kindly to them. She asked Fuentes point blank if he'd ever had a girlfriend, to which Fuentes simply said, "No."

See the moment below.

Watson asked Fuentes why he thinks he can instruct people on how to handle women given his lack of experience.

"So how are you telling other people how to behave towards women when you yourself have not had any physical interaction with them in a romantic capacity?...
“I have to question what kind of a person who has had no experience with women is in a position to basically promote these ideas."

In response, Fuentes quipped:

“Well, I’m having an experience with a woman right now."

Fuentes went on to partially blame his lack of experience with women on how unreasonable they are.

“They’re not fully rational. I do not believe that like men they possess a full rationality.”

Fuentes is truly an extremist among extremists, most infamous for attending the 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia and calling for the execution of lawmakers in the days leading up to the January 6 insurrection, which he also attended.

You Are Here—which is produced by far-right TV network The Blaze—is the sort of right-wing show that is not only anti-feminist and homophobic but also completely detached from reality.

The episode on which Fuentes was interviewed also included a supposed eye-witness report about Australia putting people in COVID-19 "concentration camps."

That is not a thing that is happening, for the record.

But even right-wing fringe sites have their limits, it seems.

Twitter couldn't stop laughing at the comeuppance Watson handed Fuentes.

The roasting seems to have gotten to Fuentes.

He responded by posting a doctored video on Telegram making it look like he was unfazed by Watson's comments.