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NFL Star Charged with Assault After He's Caught on Camera Shoving Photographer After Loss

NFL player Davante Adams #17 of the Las Vegas Raiders
Cooper Neill/Getty Images

NFL wide receiver Davante Adams of the Las Vegas Raiders was charged with misdemeanor assault Monday night after he was seen shoving a cameraman on the field.

The NFL star was on his way to the locker room after a disappointing defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs when the assault took place.

The team has won only one of the five games played this season, a blow for Adams who is a first year Las Vegas Raider after the wide receiver spent the first eight years of his All-Pro career as a member of the Green Bay Packers.

Video footage of the shove made it's way to Twitter.

Adams apologized after the game.

The player also posted an apology on Twitter, but it was later deleted.

Despite his efforts to clean up the mess made, the dirt was caught on film and released to the world. The photographer who later filed a police report was taken to the hospital.

The 29-year-old NFL star was pinned for the assault in Kansas City and the citation was later filed in Kansas City Municipal Court where Adams is due on November 10.

The Raiders have gotten off to a rough start this season with the loss to the Chiefs solidifying their now uncertain fate. Adams' frustrations seemed to take a turn for the worse that night, literally, as can be seen on video.

The former Packer's push left many with mixed reactions from some thinking the photographer deserved the assault for being in the way to some thinking the NFL player should be suspended.

According to the citation the incident was filed under offensive contact. The file claimed Adams, upon pushing the photographer to the ground using both hands, caused whiplash and a headache. It is possible a minor concussion occurred.

A copy of the filed citation was posted to Twitter.

However, some fans weren't buying the story.

Some even insinuated the photographer faked his injuries. One joked that after seeing some of those NFL contracts, the man behind the camera felt he needed to get a little creative for a big payday.

Fans shared varied reactions to the shove and the charges.

The Raiders started the night playing a solid game, holding a lead of 17 to 1, but it was short lived.

The Chiefs not only turned their luck around but were able to win the game with a score of 30-29. Some fans commented after the game saying "maybe Adam's should have stuck with the Green Bay Packers".

The Raiders can potentially still make it to the playoffs, so they may still have some chips in the game.

As for Adams, his cards are all over the place.

A court date has been set and we'll watch as the chips fall where they may.