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Waffle House restaurant; tweet overlay from Mekka Don

People who work with the public often need to block out many things on the job.

From difficult customers to negativity to feelings of overload to disrespectful attitudes, the typical worker has to deflect many things during the course of their workday.

But metal chairs typically aren't one of them.

Alas, sometimes chairs will be thrown—just ask Geraldo Rivera or Jerry Springer.

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Those chairs need to be blocked, but luckily for one Waffle House worker that's easy.

A video was taken and shared online of an incident reportedly at an Austin, Texas Waffle House.

The video quickly made the rounds on the internet.

WARNING: NSFW language, violence

But one moment in the video captured everyone's attention.

A Waffle House worker blocked a metal chair thrown at her by a customer and that now viral clip has been seen over two million times. Actor and musician Mekka Don posted the snippet to Twitter.

Don praised the employee's bold move:

"She needs to be the lead in the next action film, Waffle House job training is off the chain 😩😩."

Alongside the views were thousands of comments in awe of the amazing reflexes showcased.

The clip shows a metal chair flung over the counter and in the direction of an employee's face. The employee quickly deflects the chair, slapping it down to the floor.

In a response, Don joked about stunt work being part of a Waffle House employee's skill set.

"An underrated part of this video is the other employee quickly ducking when the chair was thrown."
"You have to be able to do stunts to work at Waffle House."

Don—who is also a lawyer and entrepreneur—wrote in another tweet.

"After this video I think we should all unite and stop the violence against Waffle House workers."
"We cannot defeat them."

The Twitterverse picked this one up—not the char—and ran with it, making joke after joke and meme after meme about the viral sensation.

Regular folks and celebs alike all wanted to put their two cents in on the wild Waffle House moment including comedian Brad Williams.

Don's tweet seemed to be the stunt we all needed.

It garnered more than 155k likes and 16k retweets as of this writing.

People were moved by the employee and the way she moved that chair out of her way.

We're not sure what kind of martial arts Waffle House employees practice, but we now know it's chair-proof.