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Melania Is Reportedly Already Packing Up The White House Because She 'Just Wants To Go Home'

Alex Wong/Getty Images

It has been an open secret that the First Lady, Melania Trump, has never loved living in the White House.

And while it's been over a month since the election, and the President himself shows no sign of conceding, the First Lady doesn't seem to be interested in staying.

According to a close confidant of the First Lady:

"She just wants to go home"

Additionally, when this source was asked how the First Lady would feel about President Trump mounting a 2024 run, their reply was:

"That might not go over well."

While President Trump has railed against the election results, the First Lady has been quietly figuring out what to pack up and send to New York and what to pack up and send to Mar-a-Lago.

Additionally, it's been reported that Melania quietly asked her advisors to reach out to the Congressional Budget Office to ascertain if there is any post-White House compensation given to former First Ladies.

Unfortunately for Melania, the answer to that question is no, save for a $20,000 yearly pension, which would only kick in if her husband passed away.

Many on Twitter did not have much empathy for her.

Some felt that 'home' might not be particularly peaceful for the Trump family writ large.

And others openly mused about whether or not the end of their stay in the White House would mean the end of their relationship.

If we know one thing about the Trump family, it's they never cease to offer up surprises.

We'd be foolish to think their post White House life will be any different.