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Medieval Re-enactor Dies After Impaling Himself With His Own Lance During Performance

Medieval Re-enactor Dies After Impaling Himself With His Own Lance During Performance

Tragedy struck a medieval festival in Williamstown, Kentucky, when a terrible accident resulted in the unexpected death of a re-enactor. Peter Barclay, an equestrian performer who used a metal-tipped lance to catch rings while riding accidentally let his lance hit the ground, causing it to impale him in the chest.

Though Barclay was airlifted to a hospital as quickly as possible, he was impaled just below the sternum and died en route due to his injury.

His brother, John Barclay, who also happens to be president of the Society for Creative Anachronism (the group that organized the event), announced his brother's death on Facebook, calling the incident a "freak accident."

John's brother, who performed under the name Terafan Greydragon, will be greatly missed by his family and friends:

It comes with great sadness that my younger middle brother, Peter Barclay has died. 53 years old, raised in Las Cruces NM. NMSU grad. He was at an equestrian/medieval event in Ohio, when his metal tipped lance, used for catching rings (not jousting), hit the ground and flipped. Freak accident. It impaled him under his sternum killing him. He was air lifted but died in route. He led a distinguished career as a retired Lt. Colonel in the US Army. He leaves behind his wife Deborah A. Barclay, and daughters Amy and Taryth. Survived by his father Jack Barclay, older brother John Barclay and younger brother Charles Barclay. He died doing what he loved, but will still be missed. 😥. RIP Peter aka: Terafan Greydragon !

Andrea Hatten, chief coroner for Hamilton County, Kentucky, hasn't yet performed an autopsy, but has ruled the death accidental pending future evidence. The SCA is also reviewing their practices to ensure this never happens again.

The internet was very sad to hear such a random accident could take a man's life:

The internet sent Barclay's family and friends hundreds of condolences.

RIP Peter Barclay.

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