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Marvel Finally Confirms That Beloved X-Men Kitty Pryde Is Bisexual After 40 Years Of Speculation

Marvel Finally Confirms That Beloved X-Men Kitty Pryde Is Bisexual After 40 Years Of Speculation
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It appears Marvel Comics has confirmed that X-Men character Kitty Pryde is queer after 40 years of speculation.

The American comic book superhero with the "phasing" ability was first introduced in the comics in Uncanny X-Men as the youngest person to join X-Men.

Discerning fans have always picked up on the subtext of Kitty's sexuality since the character's inception, but she had never been given the opportunity to "come out."

That moment finally arrived in Marauders #12 – a comic which is a part of Marvel's Dawn of X relaunch initiative that started in 2019.

Marvel allude to the fact that Kitty – who was brought to life on the big screen and played by lesbian actress Ellen Page in X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Days of Future Past – is bisexual.

In Marauders #12, Kitty – who had been resurrected on mutant nation Krakoa after being killed by Sebastian Shaw – was seen locking lips with a female tattoo artist, confirming that the character's affections were not exclusive to one gender.

Now she is being regarded as a "bisexual icon," according to Twitter user @simondoesthings.

Hers was a kiss heard around the universe.

Fans were ecstatic over the official confirmation that the mutant was queer and was finally allowed to be comfortable in her own skin.

The recipient of Kitty's sapphic kiss, however, gave hardcore fans pause.

In 2016, co-creator Chris Claremont mentioned in an interview that he intended for Kitty to wind up with superheroine Rachel Summers as her "true love."

Fans presumed that Summers would have had the distinct honor of being the first to kiss Kitty.

However, a fellow fan assured the character's narrative could eventually give way to a Rachel romance.

In the comics, Kitty Pryde—who has used the aliases Sprite, Ariel, and Shadowcat—has had flings with the male characters Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Russian mutant and fellow X-Men, Colossus.

However, Queerty mentioned that Kitty may have been more romantically interested in Colossus' younger sister, Illyana—a fellow mutant with whom her friendship was suggested to be something that was more physically affectionate.

With the decades-long speculation over her sexuality sealed with a kiss in that tattoo parlor, the LGBTQ community is rejoicing over its new member.

Would it be just a matter of time before we see Kitty romantically teaming up with her "true love," Rachel Summers?

Time will tell.