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Trump Supporter Drops N-Word After Refusing To Wear A Mask And Forcing Fellow Airline Passengers To Deplane


A woman wearing a MAGA hat went viral on social media after forcing her entire flight to deplane because she refused to put on a mask.

As angry passengers walked by her, the woman was caught on video shouting the n-word.

WARNING: video contains racial slurs.

Video of the woman initially went viral on TikTok after being posted by user @alexbarkley4.

@alexbarkley4 A lot of people were asking for just this part so enjoy! Have a great day ##MyStyle ##BachelorReady ##fyp ##antimasker ##trumpsucks ##twistedtea ##2021
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As Black passengers walked by her, the smiling woman shouted "have a good day, [n-word]" at least three times.

Though the woman and her associate seemed to have masks around their necks, the captain regretfully had to ask everyone to leave the plane when the two women refused to put them on.

The video ends with footage of the two women being led away by police as the crowd cheers.

Though the woman's identity hasn't been revealed online, many are hoping she faces consequences for her ignorant behavior.

Health officials have been in unanimous agreement about the importance of wearing masks to halt the spread of the virus, but President Trump's early refusal to wear one and repeated claims the pandemic was a hoax turned the basic safety practice into a partisan issue in the United States.

President-elect Joe Biden has suggested—upon taking office later this month—he plans to impose a national mask mandate as many other countries have done during spikes in cases.